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Upcycle Vintage Chenille = Limitless Creative Possibilities

One of the aspects we love best about vintage chenille (and other old linens & textiles) is their versatility. When a vintage chenille bedspread has come to the end of its useful life atop a bed, it needn’t be discarded into a landfill.

For generations, creative souls have been upcycling vintage chenille into a diverse range of handmade goods, from robes and other garments to lovingly designed chenille quilts.

Even when your favorite old chenille bed spread is not strong enough for use in garment or quilt construction, it can be repurposed into adorable flowers, sachets, and appliques for totes, and so much more.

Ideas to Upcycle Chenille

All we have is time… “In the slowness of time, there is time for everything. Was it yesterday or a hundred years ago that this quilt was pieced? Does it matter? The quilt remains.”

-Alfred Allan Lewis, The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book

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