Why Buy Vintage Chenille?

Let's introduce you to its magic!

Don’t know what’s so special about vintage chenille?

You haven’t been introduced to the MAGIC and COMFORT vintage chenille offers – once you experience it, you’ll never forget it.

Since the heyday of chenille is generally considered to span from the late 1930s to the 1950s – today’s consumers are far removed from the nostalgia of this wonderful fabric and may not even know what it is.

Just what is so unique about chenille?

Discovering the beauty, softness and comfort of vintage chenille will be one of those times in your life when you’ll say, “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before!”

It’s like wearing a hug and being enveloped in love – who could resist that? In today’s ever-stressful, always plugged in world, a fabric as comforting as chenille is a must!

Our human fingers long to touch something beyond the sterile, cold touch-pad of an iPhone.  And our souls crave something deeper than a ‘like’ on Facebook or another Instagram follower.

Let’s introduce you to the magic and comfort of vintage chenille!

Our approach is different – to us, all of life is a work of art. We blend an intuitive sense of color and design with our expertise in vintage chenille to offer you a range of vintage chenille items. If you need guidance on selecting a color or have a question about vintage chenille, we’d love to help you. 

Charlotte’s Cozy Quilt Squares:Charlotte's Chenille Quilt Squares

Arranged in a signature, dazzling array of marvelous textures and alive with color, these expertly selected, lovingly hand-cut quilt square sets will make your next special project come alive. Learn more…or see what cozy chenille squares we have for you today. 

Charlotte’s Cozy Cuddlers:

Designed exclusively with your little one in mind, Cozy Cuddlers are hand-selected quilt kits featuring a range of textures and delightful colors to inspire mom and baby alike. Learn more…or see what Cuddlers we’ve got in stock. 

Vintage Chenille Bedspreads:

After a lifetime of collecting chenille and other antique/vintage textiles, we’re pleased to offer special bedspreads from our own collection, always infused with love and light. Learn more…or see the chenille spreads currently for sale.

Vintage Chenille Fabrics:

When its life as a bedspread has reached an end, vintage chenille can be re-purposed into an endless number of creative projects sure to make your project pop! Learn more… or see what’s available for purchase.

Vintage Chenille Robes:

From Old Hollywood glamour oozing out of true vintage robes, to modern spa-style chenille bathrobes, treat yourself to the experience most often compared to “wearing a hug.” Learn more…

Miscellaneous Chenille:

Looking for a rug to make your retro bathroom or 50s kitchen stand out? Or maybe a small mat to accent your cottage bedroom? We also offer chenille rugs and bath mats, as well as the occasional other vintage chenille piece such as plush goods.

Do you need a custom “pinwheel” of quilt squares for your special project? Looking for something in particular? We’d love to hear from you! Reach us anytime; we’re just a click away. 

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